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Title: My Emergency (Audio and Video) - Inspiration: Nursing Father Back To Health

By: Brandon Robinson

Funds Being Raised: $3500

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ATLANTA, GA - (November 16, 2017) -, the world's crowdfunding site for people and projects of faith, is now accepting projects for consideration.  Raise Up To $50,000 To Finance Your Music Production, Apps, Websites, Ideas, Projects, Ministry and more.  FaithFundMe is an alternative to sites such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter.  FaithFundMe can be used to support projects in the diverse categories and projects, including but not limited to: Business, Art, Mobile, Internet, Sports, (Medical IIllness/Personal Injury), Comics, Crafts, Dance, Design, Memorials or Funerals, Education, Fashion, Animals & Pets, Film & Video, Food, Disaster Relief, Games, Journalism, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, Theater, etc.  To sign up for your free FaithFundMe Project Creator account and to get your crowdfunding campaign started today, please go to:

About is a crowd-funding platform for facilitating projects and ideas that uplift and inspire worldwide.

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To get your crowdfunding campaign started today, please go to:

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Atlanta/New York (November 12, 2017) – is now ranked as the #1 site for Hip Hop ministry in and search engines, resulting in increased marketing exposure and visibility for artist profiles worldwide. continues to grow steadily as a single-source portal for Holy Hip Hop genre Music, Video, News, Fellowship and more via Free artist and member accounts, enabling personalized (no-cost) global social media marketing and promotions using the latest in digital technology and tools in a secured platform and as more and more people search out and use the key words 'Christian Hip Hop' worldwide providing for viral growth. features renowned and up and coming Ministers of the Gospel, and is not built around or dependent on sites like Facebook and Twitter, so member data is never for sale. 

About #1 Single-Source website dedicated to advancing the Holy Hip Hop genre 24/7.  To sign up for your free account (artist/member) on, visit:  To add your video, create an account and upload 24/7 at

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Holy Hip Hop Radio (ATL)

By admin, 2017-10-08
Holy Hip Hop Radio (ATL)

Holy Hip Hop Radio Atlanta (ATL)


Atlanta. October 9, 2017. Holy Hip Hop Radio is now airing 24/7 worldwide on AM 1430 The King, Atlanta's #1 Station, Where Holy Hip Hop Rules. AM 1430 The King is situated in Atlanta, GA, with a population coverage count of up to 2.6 million or 57% of metro Atlanta residents with Atlanta being rated as the #8 market in the United States.  To listen, please go to: Minister Danny Wilson will serve as Program Director of AM 1430. To submit music, please email .mp3 files only to: danny(at)

“Since 1997, the global Holy Hip Hop movement has made great strides worldwide powered by digital platforms, grass roots and word-of-mouth. AM 1430 The King will serve as a strategic platform for Holy Hip Hop pioneers, as well as aspiring Ministers of the Gospel. On AM 1430 The King you will be able to experience powerful, soul-stirring beats and lyrics from Holy Hip Hop Ministers such as: Mr. Del, Canton Jones, This'l, Dice Gamble, K-Drama, T-Haddy, Ambassador, Fro, Murk, Desciple, Datin, Minister Blak, Dtroit Reed and many more, as well as teaching and talk programs. The global movement to Take The Gospel To The Streets marches on coast-to-coast and in every city worldwide,” said Danny Wilson,Program Director, AM 1430 The King. 1 Sam. 17:26.

About AM 1430 The King: AM 1430 The King, Atlanta's #1 Station, Where Holy Hip Hop Rules covers 2.6 million residents of metro Atlanta (57% of metro Atlanta residents) playing music that uplifts, enlightens and inspires 24/7 in support of the global mission to Take The Gospel To the Streets. To submit music for airplay consideration or to listen to The King tune into AM 1430, or go to:, Twitter #1430TheKing ( AM 1430 The King can also be heard via TuneIn at: (key words: AM 1430 The King) at:

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Holy Hip Hop Top 10

By admin, 2017-05-13

Holy Hip Hop Top 10




Holy Hip Hop Mobile




Top 10 Most Requested Songs


LOS ANGELES, CA (May 13, 2017) – Holy Hip Hop Mobile announced its Top 10 requested songs from its digital subscriber base, as follows:

Rank Artist Song
1 JAM Team
My Team Winning
2 Minister Blak ft 2Edge Real
3 Metroclus
Stray Shot
4 G-Child
Never Run Dry
5 Metroclus ft Joel Nieves
For Me
Bishop Leroy
7 Brandi Booth Eternity
8 DALOMONZE and Rell Riley ft Big Cleve Pray (Get Low)
9 Desciple Sold Out
10 2Edge Energetic Petro feat Rell (Tyler Cole)


To listen to Holy Hip Hop Mobile Top 10 at Noon Monday Through Sunday on, click/copy/paste the following link in your web-browser:   -- or visit:

About Holy Hip Hop Mobile:  Holy Hip Hop Mobile specializes in inspirational social media music and entertainment, leveraging a proprietary digital member subscriber network of aficionados of street ministry, growing virally (via word-of-mouth) at a rapid rate  For more information on rising independent Ministers of the Gospel advancing the Holy Hip Hop music genre worldwide, please visit:  To submit music for fan consideration, please send .mp3 files to:

About  Our aim is to offer encouraging and uplifting Christian radio to help visitors strengthen their Christian faith and walk with Christ. We want our radio stations, whether the streaming content is Praise and Worship, Classical, Rock, Southern Gospel, Contemporary, or Talk Radio, to glorify God.

With a desire to support local Christian radio stations, we want to point our visitors towards Christian Teaching Talk Stations and Christian Music Stations in their state from Salem Radio Network. With the ability to stream live radio online, we hope to provide a constant source of spiritual growth and encouragement. For more information and to listen now, please visit:

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Top 100 Holy Hip Hop Artists

By admin, 2017-04-20

Los Angeles/Atlanta/New York (April 20, 2017) – announced its Official List of Top 100 Holy Hip Hop Pioneers and Ministers of the Gospel over the past 20 years (1996-2016) advancing the Holy Hip Hop Genre of music worldwide, as follows:

1. Cross Movement

2. T-Bone

3. Canton Jones

4. Pettidee

5. Corey Red & Precise

6. Ambassador

7. Lil Raskull

8. Mr. Del

9. K-Drama

10. R. Swift

11. Bizzle

12. Phanatik

13. D-M.A.U.B.

14. Shai Linne

15. 2Edge

16. Sho Baraka

17. Da Truth

18. Rawsrvnt

19. Tre-9

20. Sevin

21. Sean Slaughter

22. Fro

23. Kambino

24. Sincere Israel

25. J. Kwest

26. Hansoul

27. T-Haddy

28. Datin

29.  Brinson

30. Lecrae

31. Trip Lee

32. Urban D

33. Fiti Futuristic

34. Minister Blak

35. Ace Infiniti


37. Dre Murray

38. Buckbarnabas

39. Dice Gamble

40. Ricardo Flo


42. Japhia Life

43. Richie Righteous

44. Elle Roc


46. Fedel

47. Tedashii

48. Cheno Lyfe

49. 2Five

50. Brody Raw

51. Tha GIM

52. A-1 SWIFT

53. Gospel Gangstaz

54. Eastwood

55. Tragedy

56.  This'l

57. GodSunz

58. Mark J

59. Bobby Bishop


61. Sup The Chemist

62. Ricky B. & 4Given

63. Shei Atkins

64. Andy Mineo

65. Tunnel Rats

66. JD Eyebrows

67. Brother Dre

68. Dre Marshall

69. Fros'T

70. D. Reed

71. Carriers of the Cross

72. Son of Jesse

73.  The Priesthood

74. Colcutz

75. Ziklag

76. LA Symphony


78. 116 Clique

79. Mars Ill

80. Flame

81. Rapid Fire

82. M.A.J.O.R.S.

83. Mobigga

84. Breeve Eazy

85.  KNINE

86. Double

87. True

88. Warriors of The Cross

89. Shamel Shiloh

90. C. Micah

91. Damion Orlando

92. Todd Tense

93. LaToria

94. Infamous

95. Christafari

96. Doulos

97. Todd Bangz

98. Shy Da Gifted

99. Kuntrey Wyte & Pyro

100. Tawanna Ross

***Honorable Mentions:  KJ-52; NAK Daniels; Desciple; Bruthaz Grimm; Light Da Flow Minister; K-Bizzy; K-Lee; Nova 4 Jehovah; Dynamic Twins; J.A.Z.; Difizzle Mayne; Frankie Cutlass; Obadiah-1; The Clergy; Enock; Danny D-Boy Rodriguez; Sicily; Chozen; Blazon; Halo & Reign; Theory Hazit; Metroclus

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A new study reveals that songs are getting shorter to accommodate people's diminishing attention spans, and music streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora may be to blame Hubert Léveillé Gauvin, a doctoral student in music theory at The Ohio State University, spent months listening to and analyzing songs that reached the top 10 from 1986 to 2015 and found "a dramatic shift away from long intros" and a "marked increase in tempo," according to a strudy from the school. In the mid-80s, song intros averaged more than 20 seconds. Today?

Artists are taking just 5 seconds, on average, to get to the lyrics. At the same time, the average song tempo has increased by about 8 percent Léveillé Gauvin also found that song titles themselves are shorter than they used to be, often just a single word. The researcher believes that Spotify and Pandora, both of which make it easy to abandon a track and skip to something new, are fueling this shift.

His theory: Artists today are getting straight to the point to grab your attention before you skip to something else. "It's survival-of-the-fittest: Songs that manage to grab and sustain listeners' attention get played and others get skipped," Léveillé Gauvin said in a statement. "

There's always another song. If people can skip so easily and at no cost, you have to do something to grab their attention." These days, he says, artists and producers are more concerned about packing concert venues than creating "cultural products" with their jams. "Your product isn't necessarily your song, it's your personal brand," he said. "We're operating in an attention economy, and attention is scarce and valuable."

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Thanks for Joining

Be sure to check out all the blogs, music and please leave a comment and let us know what else we can do to help you enjoy your time on the site.

Managing Editor, Tyree Govan

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For Immediate Release Completes Upgrade

Los Angeles/Atlanta/New York (April 12, 2017) – announced today its platform upgrade is complete. Simultaneously, has named Tyree Melendez, as a Managing Editor of the new

New features include ability for members to post: Audio, Video. Blogs (articles, news, interviews, reviews), Timeline, Groups, Forum, Social Media, Mobile, Concert listings, Sell Music, Fellowship and more.

To get your FREE account on today, please visit: 


Your #1 Destination for Christian Hip Hop - Faith and Family-Friendly Content That Uplifts and Inspires. Enjoy audio, video, news, fellowship and more 24/7 worldwide. No more worrying about surfing the web for your favorite emcee and being simultaneously inundated with side links to audio and videos containing often unsuitable and unsavory content. BookMark, lock it in and tell-a-friend. Psalm 97. For more information, please visit:

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Welcome to Christian Hip Hop

By admin, 2016-07-12
Welcome to Christian Hip Hop

Christian Hip Hop is easy to use. Thank you for your support. Please take your time to check out all of the powerful features available in   We hope you enjoy using the site.  Please be sure to remember to Add a picture also, when you upload a new song. This will keep you from having a symbol next to your song, on the charts or in your profile. The New if your #1 Source for Christian Hip Hop, with powerful social media features, ability to add audio and video from multiple sources on your profile, timelines, blogs, add your concert listings, join groups, add your news, read news, articles, sell your music, offer free downloads and climb the charts by sharing your music and videos worldwide via share links and social media. The #1 Purpose of this platform is to evangelize, uplift and elevate children, youth, young adults and adults alike, for generations to come.  If you are a music minister, chosen for this calling, use as a tool to spread the Gospel worldwide. Psalm 97. Amen.

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Nate Dizzy featured on Coast2Coast Presents: The Indie Top 50 Vol. 254

#20 No Filter By Nate Dizzy Feat. The Novelist, Morgan Wallen has been nominated to Coast2Coast Presents: The Indie Top 50 Vol.254! Thanks to everyone that voted. The ones that didnt, thats okay! Maybe next time. Follow Nate Dizzy at or more info. at

 / 4