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Hi... I'm Shep the shepherd. I'm just a California kid raising California kids. I want you to know that we are all created with a purpose and perfectly in the image of God. I hope to reach your heart and mind through your headphones by being very transparent when I speak on my life experiences. I do this with the hope that some can relate and I can lead you not to me, but to the one who is the solution to this life. Jesus is the great I am. You can find links to music, merchandise is coming soon. #SpeakTruthSpeakLife #CrossPromotion

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Artist: Shep the shepherd
Genre: Hip-hop & Rap
Duration: 00:03:55

Well... this is more of Shep the shepherd being completely transparent about my past, my experiences, basically my life, with the hope others that have struggles don't feel alone.... I a and can relate. I'm NOT perfect.... I am in NEED of a savior!!!

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