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Top 80 Holy Hip Hop Nations

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Top 80 Holy Hip Hop Nations


LOS ANGELES/ATLANTA/NEW YORK - (May 7, 2018) – Holy Hip Hop Mobile announced its Top 80 Holy Hip Hop Nations Worldwide,in statistical rank-order, with greatest number of citizens following, requesting and supporting the global movement to Take the Gospel to the Streets, as a guide for Holy Hip Hop Artists/Ministers of the Gospel to assist in strategic planning, touring and ministry outreach initiatives, as follows:

1. United States 2. Germany 3. Mexico 4. Dominican Republic 5. Brazil 6. Japan 7. France 8. New Zealand 9. Russian Federation 10. Belgium 11. China 12. Czech Republic 13. Ukraine 14. Canada 15. Australia 16. Kenya 17. Switzerland 18. Algeria 19. Italy 20. Nigeria 21. Great Britain 22. Portugal 23. Spain 24. Colombia 25. Slovak Republic 26. Uzbekistan 27. Romania 28. Argentina 29. Bulgaria 30. Poland 31. Senegal 32. Iran 33. Bolivia 34. Thailand 35. Peru 36. Ghana 37. Kazakhstan 38. India 39. Zambia 40. Indonesia 41.Argentina 42. Moldova 43. Netherlands 44. Tanzania 45. Namibia 46. Egypt 47. Austria 48. Sweden 49. Belarus 50. Saint Vincent & Grenadines 51. Yemen 52. Montenegro 53. Uganda 54. Chile 55. South Africa 56. Denmark 57. Malawi 58. Saudi Arabia 59. Costa Rica 60. Malaysia 61. Greece 62. Slovenia 63. Morocco 64. Estonia 65. Guatemala 66. Jamaica 67. Zimbabwe 68. Ethiopia 69. Latvia 70. Turkey 71. Fiji 72. South Korea 73. Cameroon 74. Qatar 75. Pakistan 76. Finland 77. Mongolia 78. Philippines 79. Martinique (French) 80. Paraguay

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