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Brutha Joe Also Known as Joe Beats describes his music as Medicine for the soul. In his own words, "Music is an emotional controller". It can make some one happy, sad, enraged or excited. It sets the mood for romance or chaos at the disco. Music enlightens and is the easiest way to teach. Music is so powerful, with repetition it has the ability to subliminally captivate ones mind and inspire endless possibilities. Music can be  motivation for enlightenment or it can be used as a weapon  of mass destruction. While growing up in the ghetto, Brutha Joe was surrounded by all the enticements that life has to offer, and he admits to partaking in his fair share. While always having a spiritual conscious, which was instilled in him by his late grandmother Bertha Watkins, Brutha Joe was involved in several activities that contradicted sanity. He describes himself as a walking miracle because he is a survivor of near death experiences, drug deals gone wrong, and close calls with the police. He has truly been blessed and highly favored.

Brutha Joe’s music journey began around the age of 7 or 8 years old. As an adolescent he would create melodies to entertain himself; Music found him and it became his escape from being alone. He Is now using those same gifts that aided him at an early age to provide an escape for anyone that will listen. He now uses his life experiences, his gift of musical arts, and his knowledge and awareness of christianity to uplift and bring joy and awareness to the world. He states that the seeds that were embedded in him by his grandmother has been further nourished by the Holy spirit of God through Jesus Christ his savior. To him the newly cultivated seeds help manifest his original purpose in his past, which is to bring all souls to Christ. He is using his music as a testimony that all things are possible through christ. He stands on a bible scripture from the book of ezekiel the 3rd chapter verses 17-21 which eludes to being a true watchman for his fellow man. He also leans on psalms chapter 33 verse 3 that states, “sing unto him a new song play skillfully with a loud noise.”

In closing, brutha joe is a force to be reckoned with. With a mixture of hard beats, melodies of joy, trumpets of warning, and a rhyme cadence that would make the most dope
Mc on any corner smile, he is truly in the ranks



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