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Much Luvv set to drop visual for popular KB & Austin Lanier-assisted “Generations Remix” of Tre9’s “Pull Up On Ya Block” song

Written by: Sketch the Journalist
August 19, 2019

HOUSTON, TX – His list of significant contributions to the national Christian hip hop scene is worthy of an in-depth collegiate study. But it’s Tre9’s legacy of local ministry that he’s most concerned with passing down to others.

Such is the theme of the “Generations Remix” of his “Pull Up On Ya Block” song from the veteran rapper’s recent War Cry album. The track, which was originally just a collaboration between Tre9 and newcomer Rob Bing, now features Austin Lanier and Reach Records’ artist KB.

The song showcases three emcees. Although they hail from three different generations of hip hop, their mission is the same - to show up anytime and anywhere to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It’s a message that obviously resonates with listeners. Earlier this year the song set a record for the most consecutive weeks (10) as the champion of Houston’s 91.7 FM NGEN Radio’s “Thursday Throwdown” segment hosted by media personality Chris Chicago.

And now “Pull Up On Ya Block” has a companion music video set to release this Friday August 23rd. The online visual features performances from each rapper, but more importantly, documentary footage of Tre9’s various Hip Hop Hope urban ministry events held at various neighborhoods across Houston.

“These are people we see on a regular basis. We know their names, their struggles, and their stories and it was very important to me that this video showcase that part of my daily life,” Tre9 said. “Sure, the music side is fun, but I wholeheartedly believe that in the eyes of Christ, our servitude is much more valuable than our celebrity.

Tre9’s War Cry album is available on all major digital distribution platforms.

Connect with Tre9 on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram .

Apple Music: https://apple.co/2KMxq2J  

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2OVwpdP  

Google Play: https://bit.ly/33vRBdJ  

Amazon Music: https://amzn.to/2Kxm4QZ

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Tre9 helps guide daughter's "First Step" into music career

By brennan@muchluvvrecords.com, 2019-01-31
Tre9 helps guide daughter's "First Step" into music career

Written by: Sketch the Journalist
January 29, 2019

HOUSTON, TX  – Christian rapper Bobby "Tre9" Herring has never shied away from the "mentor" role. For over twenty years he's had the opportunity to help build, guide, or spiritually re-direct the music careers of a variety of artists including Von Won, Bushwick Bill, Pyrexx, and Austin Lanier.

Now that task hits home – literally. You see, Tre9's latest protégé is none other than his daughter – Teonna Lee. And on February 14 the duo will release a joint EP titled  First Step .

"I met Teonna when she was just 13 years old and I started dating [and eventually married] her mother," Tre9 recalls. "Stepping into a family relationship at that point of her life certainly presented some challenges, but eventually we found ways to bond—like through our mutual love of music.'

"So it's with great pride that I now get to introduce her art to the rest of the world."

The project provides Teonna a platform to sing soulful riffs on classic cuts from Amy Winehouse, The Zombies, George Harrison, and Christopher Cross. Each song also features contributions from Tre9 who continues to be an unabashed hip hop missionary on the mic.

"How many artists can say their first step into the music business is with their step-dad?" Teonna pondered. "I'm so excited about this project and hope the listeners enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it."

The  First Step  EP will be released to all digital music providers via Much Luvv Records.

Follow Tre9 through  Facebook Twitter , and  Instagram . And find Teonna Lee at  Facebook Twitter , and  Instagram .

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French Luc and the Americans set to Release their First Single Titled “You”

Sensational French producer French Luc is set to release his first single titled “You” on September 21st, 2018

“You” is an amazing song. French Luc and the Americans beautifully illustrate the creative process and delivers the lines as if they’re dictating what's happening as it occurs. The vocals are minimal and nice. You can almost see the words floating around in the air, rearranging themselves until they make sense.

“You” promises to be a classic record. It is a song that will keep you at the edge of your seat and one you don’t want to miss. It has simple effective melodies and will surely get more hype as it goes along. French Luc and the Americans’ main aim is for people to enjoy and feel the music.

French Luc used to produce electro dance music in the secular world until God met him at the appointed time, much like he met Saul on the route to Damascus.  French Luc always enjoyed creating music but it did not have any meaning. As he travelled the world, met with different people and experienced different cultures, he came to the realization that life without God is lacking hope.

With his new album, French Luc wants to share the beginning of his Damascus story to encourage people around him, especially those with a broken heart. This album brings together French Luc’s love for electro music, God and family. It speaks about love, forgiveness and faith in spite of his feeling of helplessness.

As French Luc continues his journey with God, stay tuned for the next chapter of his musical story. Music fans can expect a lot more from him in the near future.

About French Luc and the Americans

French Luc and the Americans originated from the fact that French Luc is a French producer living in USA and the singers on his new album are Americans. French Luc was blessed to work with such talented people as he produced and recorded “You” in his Home Studio in Houston.

French Luc composed the beat, designed the sound and arrangement and, in some of the songs in the album, composed the melody.  He enjoys collaborating with various artists (amateurs and professionals) that share his passion.

Join French Luc in his quest and get in touch to learn more about him:

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/French-Luc-the-Americans-477388096019782/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/frenchlucandtheamericans/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm67cEFsyNJIHBt2XxDLjzw

Website: http://www.frenchluc.com/

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Hip hop missionary Tre9 returns to the mic and unleashes a "War Cry”

Written by: Sketch the Journalist

September 17, 2018


HOUSTON, TX – Hip hop missionary Bobby “Tre9” Herring has been on a break from recording and releasing his own rap music. But that doesn’t mean he’s lost touch with the tool he so frequently employs to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Now, five years after his last release, Tre9 returns to the mic to unleash a War Cry . The new album carries a modern trap vibe with lyrics that represent the artist’s unquenchable desire to introduce his Savior to the streets he holds so dear. 

“As I’ve continued to evangelize and disciple people from the same type of inner-city communities I came out of I’ve kept my eyes and ears on the sounds and styles that have captivated our shared target audience,” Herring said. “This project stretched me as an artist, but was fun to create and one I’m praying will produce much fruit.” 

War Cry features several guests who have spiritually and musically benefitted from Tre9’s mentorship including Pyrexx and Austin Lanier. Others lending their voices to the project include Big Rob Clay, Rob Bing, and a surprise feature from KB who helps bridge the gap on the “Generations Remix” of “Pull Up On Ya Block.” 

The album will be released on 9/22/18 through all digital music providers via Much Luvv Records. Fans of “chopped and screwed” music can also look for a version of War Cry from former Swishahouse affiliate DJ E.N.T. featuring that classic format most often associated with the City of Houston Tre9 forever represents. 

Connect with Tre9 on Facebook , Twitter , and  Instagram .

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Austin Lanier is "Famous & Lonely" in new single aligned with Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month

Written by: Sketch the Journalist

Spetember 4th, 2018 

HOUSTON, TX  – The "rap life" can look glamorous. At least until you try to live it. 

That harsh reality recently hit on-the-rise emcee Austin Lanier. The relative notoriety afforded by social media can be intoxicating – especially to a young and burgeoning hip hop star. 

But what happens when the dream you were chasing doesn't fill your soul? When you get off stage and return to an empty apartment or one full of "friends" who only seem to be there for the fun? Where do you turn when the dark thoughts develop and the ultimate ending presents itself as an attractive option? 

That's the crux of Lanier's latest song/video titled "Famous & Lonely" set to release September 14 th . The artist's southern swagger gets pushed to the side to vibe on a deliberately soulful soundscape where he gets honest with himself and his listeners. 

"This is hands down the realest piece of music I've ever created," Lanier said. "I wrote it in tears while fighting through a deep state of depression and anxiety. I felt completely alone in the midst of all of the attention I constantly receive. I was on the verge of giving up on hip hop and even life itself. But I knew that if I persevered it would be a story that would change lives. This song is that story." 

In a similar vein to Logic's "1-800-273-8255," this single also aims to provide listeners a solution and has been strategically released to highlight Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month.  

Connect with Austin Lanier on Instagram @atrainlanier

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